Tuesday, December 19th, 2017

There will be AAC today, Wednesday and Thursday this week.  YOU MUST BRING
WORK TO COMPLETE. Freshmen who are needing to regain credit for Algebra 1A:
You will be testing in K12, Ms. Layton's room, Thursday, December 21.  YOU MUST BE IN THE ROOM BEFORE 2:30

SSR is today during 3rd block

Class of 2021 Executive Board Members- We will have an Executive Board Member
meeting and breakfast tomorrow, Wednesday in the Library before school.  Please
remember to bring your secret Santa gift you signed up to do this.

Students interested in trying out for the Baseball team this year are asked to attend a
meeting this Wednesday immediately after school in the cafeteria.

Attention freshmen: Link Crew is hosting a "Holiday Jam" on Thursday, December 21st
from 2:30-4pm in the cafeteria. Join us for food, games, and prizes before we leave for
break. We hope to see you there!

Want to support your school with pride at ALL Winter Sports events?
Come and get your authentic student section shirt at the athletic office today!
Your shirt will get you entry to all home winter sporting events for free! All you have to
do is wear it and sit in the student section and cheer! The shirts are only $20, come
quick before supplies run out!

Attention seniors! The deadline for senior pictures and senior quotes has been
extended to December 31! Email your picture and quote to
loynorrixyearbook@kalamazoopublicschools.net or bring to K3. Quotes must be 100
characters or fewer and school appropriate. You can email a quote even if you've
already submitted a picture. This is the final deadline, so don't miss it!

And now for the final food drive total:
In 11 th place is Ms. Maxwell with 142
In 10 th place is Mr. Stevens with 182
In 9 th place is Mrs. Rolfe with 189
In 8 th place is Ms. Long with 204
In 7 th place is Ms. Williams 219
In 6th place is Mrs. Carrow with 388
In 5 th place is Mr. Bergan with 631
In 4 th place is Mr. Peterson/Mrs. May with 658
In 3 rd place is Mr. Johnson with 724
In 2 nd place is Mr. Allen/Mrs. May with 994
In 1 st place is Mr. Porco-  ONCE AGAIN our school champ with 1,350

For a Grand total of 7,048; Loy Norrix you showed you care about others!!!!!

Your AP Scholar for Today is Alina Offerman! Alina is a senior and has successfully
completed AP Psychology & AP US History. She is currently taking AP Chemistry & AP Calculus. Since the course load of AP classes is similar to a college class, Alina feels better prepared for college next year. Her AP classes have also helped her manage her time & workload more efficiently. She would recommend all of the AP courses she has participated in because of the opportunity to create lasting relationships with funny & amazing teachers. Alina been accepted to Michigan TEchnological University, Albion College, Kalamazoo College & has also applied to the University of Michigan. She plans on studying biochemistry with a concentration in neuroscience.


Author: Maya Crawford

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