Monday, January 7, 2019

Save January 19th for the MLK Celebration Day at Western Michigan’s Bernard Center/BroncoMall from 8:30-to after lunch.  You will have a MLK, Jr. Celebration, presentations about going to college and a fabulous lunch all for FREE.  More details will follow or get a flyer with info about it by the Peacejam Showcase!  Don’t miss out on this annual event!

Good news.  The second issue of Knight Life, the student newspaper will be distributed Tuesday morning in the tower at 7am.  Make sure to get your copy.  You can also check it out at

Class of 2021Executive Board members- there will be a board meeting in the cafeteria at 7am in the library tomorrow- Tuesday, Jan 10th. 

Softball open gyms will be every Sunday from 3-5 pm starting on Sunday 1/13. See Coach Johnson in room C12 if you have any questions.

CIS is looking to start up a Grief/Loss Counseling group in January.  The group will be 4-8 students and will meet once a week.  If you are interested please come see Mr. Baker or Ms. Naz in the CIS offices in the B-Wing.

Save the date for the last regular dance of the year- WINTERFEST 2019 which will be on Friday, Feb 8th after the basketball game.

Your AP Scholar for Today  is: Grant Hazen.  He is a junior & has has taken AP US History & is currently taking AP Language, AP Spanish & AP Government. Grant’s AP classes have challenged him to dig deeper & put extra effort into his classes. They have also helped him become better at preparing for tests.  He would recommend AP Language & Composition since it builds you knowledge of the English language & prepares you for harder classes in college. He plans on applying to UofM & WMU next year & wants to study Sports Medicine.



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